PNCM Training & Learning Centre

The name PNCM Training & Learning has been associated with beauty, body therapy, & nail care since its establishment. Based on years of experience, PNCM has developed into one of the most respected and well-known academies in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

The team behind PNCM is fully dedicated, professionally qualified, and highly skilled to inspire and offer a variety of professional beauty courses, including nail art, eyelash extension, and tattoo techniques. At PNCM, we ensure all our students gain full technical knowledge on the best beauty techniques and products to produce exceptional results for their clients.

Every customer, apprentice, and manicurist trained under PNCM is our best spokesperson. We believe that excellent value for money services can come from manicurists that have mastered the basic skills of product knowledge and application.

To date, we have successfully trained many excellent nail artists who have themselves become a training instructor and product agent under the Catwalk brand across different countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and more.

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